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Hello blog world,

I am excited to be part of this fantastic informational website. I think this would be a great forum to discuss topics on cancer prevention and minority health, in particular disease disparities in the African diaspora. I will begin with a little information about myself: I am a cancer biologist with a PhD degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and my research work focuses on investigating the molecular mechanisms driving prostate cancer progression and the disease disparity. I am involved in mentoring research students from undergraduate to PhD candidates in various aspects of prostate cancer research. In addition to my research work, I am also involved in teaching medical, dental, pharmacology as well as graduate students in different aspects of biochemistry and Molecular Biology. What I find to be most fulfilling is the ability to translate my research work into public health through public and community education on the importance of cancer prevention. I am the proud author of a book entitled “Cancer Causes and Controversies- understanding risk reduction and prevention” (available on, and as it’s name implies describes the risk factors associated with common cancers and the role for writing this book is to educate the public on the measures we need to take to reduce our risk to cancer. I currently serve as an Associate Professor of Biochemistry at Howard University and the Principal Investigator of a prostate cancer research laboratory and enjoy working in this environment whose mission fits perfectly with mine to do research, teach and educate in sciences that resonate with public health.

I am excited about the significant scientific breakthrough over the past century, particularly the recent completion of the human genome sequence which is helping us to unlock the complexities of environmental impact on gene expression and how small variations in the human genome among different racial/ethnic groups is providing insights into differences in disease susceptibility to drug metabolism which is driving this whole area of personalized medicine. At the same time we are uncovering the role of epigenetics as master regulator of gene expression clearly demonstrating an added layer in the complexities in gene regulation and providing additional insights into the molecular mechanisms associated with disease etiologies and progression.

This blog site will serve as an educational tool for cancer prevention topics and various aspects of minority/Diaspora health.


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